What is WD and WWW ?

About protocol

Understanding the Role of Hypertext Transfer Protocol

The Web Browser’s Role

The Web Server’s Role

Understanding the Web Page and Home Page

Introduction to SEO

What is graphic

Color Schemes and Theories, packaging Design

How to use shapes

Drawing / Art

Laws Of Design

Visual communication

What is Vector VS. Raster

Introduction about graphic softwares

Brochure Design, product packaging and CD printing

How to open, create & save Photoshop file

Basic introduction about Photoshop

Information about tools

Photo editing

Image masking

Web layout design

PSD Slicing


  • All HTML basic tags
  • Table tag
  • Form Tag
  • DWT (dreamweaver template file)
  • Div and Span


Java Script Basic

JQuery Basic

How to create a layout in Bootstrap

Basic tags in Bootstrap

Table in Bootstrap

Nav bar in Bootstrap

Form in Bootstrap